Forum AutoVision, Wolfsburg (O. M. Architekten, picture: Thomas Knüppel) Volkswagen Arena, Wolfsburg (HPP Architekten)
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During the past years more and more clients have entrusted bow with complete planning processes and building services. This shows the need of clients for complete construction consulting services offered by one firm. We offer complete consulting services for building measures including expertise, technical building equipment, supervision and quality management. While working on sketches of new building projects we collaborate with noted architects. The following summary gives an overview of our integrated approach.
The combination of the different parts of planning work allows the increase of responsibility and competence factors in the planning process and the reduction of interaction losses between separate consultants, resulting in quality and time improvement. The integration of the planning work (structural engineering, technical building equipment and building physics) supports the development of innovative solutions of reasonable costs.
We give our special attention to the deadline and cost control. Within projected goals, we help our clients to put their idea of building cost into effect. On the basis of our well-founded knowledge in several expert fields, as well as our experience in dealing with existing building structures, architects and clients increasingly entrust us with putting projects out to tender, allocate and supervise them.

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