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software development

bow has years of experience in the developing of software for the national and international market. Special attention is given to design programs for different possibilities of strengthening structural members.
While software for the design of traditional reinforced concrete members is available for a long time, structural engineers were till now vainly looking for usable design aids for strengthening measures. Such calculations were done by hand and were not precise enough to optimise the strengthening.
bow engineers have developed easy-to-use design software for strengthening of reinforced concrete members under bending and compression using sprayed concrete or fibre reinforced polymer. Based on exact iterative procedures, this software enables structural engineers to design the additional reinforcement with particular attention to economic issues.
Our program ’FRP Lamella’ plays a decisive role in the worldwide spread of new technologies such as bending and shear strengthening of reinforced or post-tensioned concrete structures with bonded fibre reinforced polymer. The program has been translated into several languages and is available for different national standards and guidelines (e. g. Eurocode, British Standard, BAEL, ACI).
Today our programs are used in many countries for the design in strengthening projects. The software is continuously improved and adjusted to the latest research and guideline modifications as well as new strengthening concepts. Nevertheless we focus on professional software development using current development tools and technologies.

You cand find further informations about our software developments in the download area.

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