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Health and Safety Coordination on Building Sites

The assignment of health and safety coordinators (SiGeKo) is prescribed by the German “ Construction Site Ordinance” since 1999. bow is working in this field of activity from the beginning on and has all qualifications defined in the regulations of health and safety on construction site (RAB 30) like work experience, constructional knowledge and coordinator knowledge. Within further education we continuously adapt our knowledge to the latest state of regulations.

We give to our clients the legal certainty concerning the use of safety regulations.

The “ Construction Site Ordinance” comprehends the following partial services according to size of building measures:

Planning phase:

  • Consultancy on safety-related equipment during
    preliminary planning, blueprint planning and construction design
  • Consultancy on time scheduling for simultaneous use of safety-related equipment
  • Analysis of tenders, contract terms and building contracts
  • Elaboration of a health and safety plan.
  • Composition of a document for later maintenance and repair work.

Implementation planning :

  • Elaboration of risk analysis
  • Current control of compliance with the health and safety plan
  • Clarification of safety-related issues between different contractors
  • Organisation and arrangement of safety inspections
  • Documentation of safety-related deficiencies and working towards their rectification


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