Forum AutoVision, Wolfsburg (O. M. Architekten, picture: Thomas Knüppel) Volkswagen Arena, Wolfsburg (HPP Architekten)
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architectural competitions

bow has been engaged in architectural competitions in cooperation with different architectural offices.
We offer to support architects in the first stage of the design process and give them technical assistance in structural engineering and building services. Based on the building type and the architectural design, we develop structural and technical concepts which can take up a subordinate role or even dominate the design.
We are convinced that integration of structural questions in the early stage of the design process will lead to high quality architectural design for buildings and structures as only in this case we can consider design and structural aspects in equal measure, which leads to ambitious but also economic solutions. This approach has been confirmed during the time teaching students of the architectural faculty at the Technical University of Braunschweig.

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